Infinite Man Coaching Program

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Infinite Man Coaching Program (IMCP)

IMCP is a 6-month virtual program exclusively for men that you can do from anywhere in the world. It is a half year long deep dive into empowered masculinity, focusing on leadership, purpose, desire, and connection.

IMCP offers:

1) a personalized process with one-one-one coaching that begins where you are and with what’s most important to you

2) a thematic curriculum that will lead you through key areas of development and

3) a community of men working together through the sacred curriculum of becoming their most empowered masculine selves and compassionate allies to the feminine.

The program is an optimal blend of theory and practice, and one of its key principles is learning by doing. Orgasmic Meditation (OM) is one of the central practices introduced to give you real tangible experiences to deepen your understanding of the elusive feminine. Along the way, you’ll have many opportunities to explore the theories and principles we’ll discuss in real-life contexts. And our program culminates with a life-changing 30-day relationship experiment.

At the end of this program, you will: 

  • Be more the man you want to be
  • Have greater clarity of purpose
  • Have a laser-sharp ability to identify and move from your desires
  • Experience deeper and more fulfilling connections with the opposite sex at all levels of intimacy (from your co-workers to your beloved)
  • Have the tools to have connections with women that are fun and nourishing, playful and sexy, and that scratch the itch of that deepest desire to be truly “with”
  • Get to be the lover you’ve always hoped to be either to your existing partner or to the woman who is coming
  • Be the leader you know in your heart that you are (hint: all these things are surprisingly related). 

All of those things are available to you. And IMCP can help you get there. Here's what the program includes:

  • Personal Training - weekly one-on-one coaching calls (3x monthly)
  • Team Sports - weekly topical group video calls (recorded for later reference) (3x monthly)
  • Intimacy Deep Dive - OM Training for you and a partner (either introductory or advanced training depending on your level of prior experience)
  • Pre-Game Pep Talk - a one-on-one expectation setting call with your OM training partner* 
  • Library Time - readings and learning materials to support the deep dive
  • Practice - focused integration exercises and practices
  • A Present Coach- ongoing one-on-one support for your journey

*It will be part of the course training to support you in identifying and asking an appropriate partner.

Program Investment: $2,995 (or 6 monthly installments of $595)


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